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Social Cognition: Introspect or Retrospect?

What I Thought:

Before I decided to take social cognition, I really didn’t think there was a different style of teaching offered to students. I’m not technically wrong, most (if not all) teaching styles involve a form of information delivery to a student and they are marked based on how well they can regurgitate that knowledge. This system is based on the fact that every individual learns or operates the same way and that is simply not true. We are each unique and I feel that having mass amounts of information from one individual is not going to cut it in our advancing society. What this class taught me was more than the information I chose to pursue. I was not too keen on it initially, but Jesse’s teaching style taught me how to compile information in an organised aesthetic manner, how to present information verbally, and how to critically think about research from multiple viewpoints.


My first blog was definitely harder than the rest, but it seemed like by networking myself and getting the opinions of others I was able to gain a better understanding of the themes of social cognition and how the dynamics worked. I could see how a blog looked and the type of information it’s supposed to portray and was able to reciprocate that with my own topics or ideas. Even though trying to figure out what to write about challenged me in ways I didn’t think it could, the talks that I had to do (for NO marks) was definitely one of the biggest learning curves I overcame. I do not like to talk in front of groups of people let alone be in a group for long periods of time. But by ‘fighting’ through this class I was able to learn some of the skills to present in front of a group and keep my anxieties at bay.

The Topics:

As I mentioned before, I was not too keen on this style of teaching when I first found out about it, but I believe that through the ability of being able to pick the topics I got to talk about helped me get WAY more out of the information I researched. I believe that an individual will get more out of anything when it’s about something they have an interest in. And have found that the blogs that I had either an experience with or was passionate about I could engage myself in a better understanding of social cognition as a whole. The comments I had to do each week also helped me research topics that may I may not have necessarily looked into and helped me think critically to draw out parallels from what I knew and what research I found. I also believe that from a mental health sufferer, writing these blogs were a bit therapeutic for me. I was never one to overshare (unless you really knew me) but by pushing the fear of being judged aside I used my illness as a tool for my education, letting it take me into new understandings and surprisingly, a huge amount of acceptance.

Why I Loved the Class:

I’m not sure I can say anything that haven’t already said before, but this class helped me realize that everyone is unique and sometimes looking at things from a different angle could help us solve problems that we couldn’t in the past. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so much from a class until now and hope the blogs that stem from this class (and hopefully others) can help change the current opinions of how an individual should be taught. If we truly want to see a change we must do our research from multiple sources, critically think to come up with innovative ideas, and be vigilant about it.

Thanks for reading!


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